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At the University of Tennessee, Dr. Buehler currently teaches a variety of different courses. He also advises doctoral students and junior faculty. These courses include those on comparative politics and international relations of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for both undergraduate and doctoral students, and also broader courses beyond this region, such as the Comparative Politics ‘Core’ doctoral seminar. Each semester, he also teaches in the First Year Studies program, which provides courses that aim to introduce new 17 and 18 year old students to the University of Tennessee, inculcate good study skills, and reduce college dropout rates. They also focus on topics such as financial literacy, adjusting to college life, academic advising, and career planning. He also regularly teaches in the Honor’s program, which serves the University of Tennessee’s top performing students.    


Mentoring of Junior Faculty:

Jumana al-Ahmad (Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic, Washington and Lee University)

Mohammed Ouhemmou (Assistant Professor, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco) - American Political Science Association’s Middle East and North Africa mentoring initiative


Mentoring of Doctoral Students:

Orhan Dogan (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Calista Boyd (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Kacper Grass (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Amnah Ibraheem (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Allison Critcher (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Arjun Banerjee (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Matt Jones (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Samantha Okowita (Political Science, University of Tennessee), Mallory Nischan (French and Francophone Studies, University of Tennessee), Michael Bufano (Political Science, University of Alabama), Kristian Dahle Kraft (Political Science, University of Oslo, Norway), and Jumana al-Ahmad (Religious Studies, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands).


Courses taught:

POLS 410 - Contemporary Middle East Politics, undergraduate

POLS 479 - War and Peace in the Middle East, undergraduate

POLS 370 - Contemporary International Problems, undergraduate

POLS 410/595 - Nuclear Politics of the Middle East, undergraduate and graduate

POLS 595 - Regional Studies and the Discipline of Political Science, graduate

POLS 574 - Comparative Government and Politics of the Middle East, graduate

POLS 570 - Doctoral ‘Core’ Proseminar in Comparative Politics

POLS 610 - Authoritarianism, graduate

POLS 249 - Introduction to Comparative Politics, undergraduate

FYS 101 – First Year Studies 101: The UT Experience

FYS 129 - Exploring the Middle East and Islam through Film, undergraduate

FYS 129 - World Politics in Film, undergraduate

UNHOS 101 - Global Politics in Film, undergraduate, honors course

POLS 600 - Professionalization: From Dissertation to Book (for Jumana al-Ahmad)


Student reviews can be found by downloading below or following this link:


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